Interior Cleaning Products

Prolonged exposure to the sun and other harsh climatic conditions can cause interior car surfaces to become hard, brittle and faded over time. Shield’s car interior detailing products contain UV protectors and plasticisers to prevent discolouration and cracking – providing the ultimate protection while keeping your car looking and smelling like the day you bought it.

WARNING: Avoid over spraying any of these products onto windscreens, steering wheels and foot pedals

Sheen Cockpit Spray 350ml

Sheen Interior Wipes

Sheen Natural 200ml


Sheen Ultra Gloss

Sheen Vinyl, Plastic & Rubber Care 300ml


Sheen Xtreme 750ml


Upholstery & Carpet Cleaner

Auto Leather Care

In order to retain the look and feel of your expensive leather car seats, they need to be cared for, cleaned and conditioned on a regular basis. Shield’s interior leather cleaners contain a UV filter that protects leather seats and ensures that the leather remains supple.

WARNING: Before using any product on your car’s leather interior, test for discolouration by cleaning a small, inconspicuous area.

Leather Care 400ml

Leather Cream

Leather Wipes

Guaranteed to provide ultimate cleaning and protection to outlast and outshine any professional car wash

Caring for the interior surfaces of your car is just as important, and just as challenging, as the outside. Carpets, upholstery, dashes, windows, consoles – all these surfaces require regular maintenance and protection to keep them looking good and in perfect condition for longer. Shield’s interior car cleaning products are designed to safely clean stubborn dirt and provide unsurpassed protection for a wide variety of surface materials, including plastic, vinyl, rubber, glass, leather and fabric.