Delivering the best car wash and care  products – down to the last detail

Washing the exterior of your car is  the backbone of a good auto detailing job. Shield’s range of quality car care products have become a favourite among car enthusiasts who are looking for fast and lasting results.


Frequent washing of your vehicle is an important part of regular car maintenance. Over time, dirt and grime that isn’t cleaned can lead to the appearance of dull and faded surfaces. Shield’s car washing products remove stubborn grime and environmental contaminants effortlessly without destroying your paint finish.

Absorber PVA Chamois

Absorber Superdry PVA Chamois

Genuine Leather Grand Prix Chamois


High Foam Car Shampoo – 5 litre

Jetwasher Shampoo & Shine

Splash ‘n Dash Auto Sponge

Splash Car Shampoo Sachets

Windscreen Wash

Wipe ‘n Dry Chamois