Looking after the interior of your car is more than a matter of pride – it’s about extending the life of your surfaces

Clean, protect and dress the inside of your car with Shield’s high-grade car interior detailing products for a pristine, polished finish to rival any professional car wash money can buy.

There’s no point in keeping the outside of your car looking good as new when the inside is a mess. Your car’s interior is subject to as much abuse as the exterior. Dirt, grime, bacteria, degradation from the sun and temperature variations are all very good reasons why a regular interior clean and protected car is not only desirable, but necessary.

Shield’s car interior car range has been developed to suit a wide range of surfaces and materials, including leather and fabric seats and trims, carpets and mats, and plastic and vinyl.

Interior Surface Cleaning

Shield’s interior car cleaning products are designed to safely clean stubborn dirt and provide unsurpassed protection for a wide variety of surface materials, including plastic, vinyl, rubber, glass, leather and fabric.

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When it comes to cleaning, detailing, drying and polishing the interior of your car, nothing comes close to the proven quality and strength of microfibre cloths, which has revolutionised the world of car detailing products.

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Air Fresheners

Freshen your car with Shield’s range of trendy, long-lasting air fresheners available in a wide variety of shapes, styles, sizes and scents to suit your own individual style. Hang it or clip it to instantly eliminate odour and deodorise.

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