Tackle all your auto cleaning jobs in one, money-saving bottle

For an all-in-one cleaning solution that removes tough dirt, dust and grime, Shield offers the Blade range of economical multi-purpose cleaning products that are unbeatable for intensive cleaning of any and all car surfaces.

Specially formulated to match the needs of all your car’s surfaces, Blade combats even the toughest cleaning jobs with ease, from the most delicate of surfaces to heavy duty grease, without causing harmful damage associated with most chemicals on the market.

Blade is a high strength concentrated, all-purpose cleaner that is biodegradable, non-toxic and anti-bacterial, and can be easily diluted as required to suit any cleaning task at hand. These benefits make the Blade range perfectly suited to clean engines, wheels, brake dust, road tar, bug juice, and more – its cleaning applications are endless.

Blade Power Green Sachet (30ml)

Blade Squeaky Green