High Foam Car Shampoo – 5 litre


  • Clean your car in the shade. Paintwork softens in the sun and is more prone to scratching.
  • Hose the car down to remove loose dirt and deposits.
  • Never use household detergents to clean the car – these strip away the protective outer wax layer.
  • Bugs and stains require special attention.  Never scratch them off, rather soak well and gently remove.


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Shield High Foam Car Shampoo is a new addition to the Shield Chemicals lineup that creates an extra rich lather with thick foam that helps to lift grease, grime and road dirt from your car!
Frequent washing of your vehicle is an essential. Washing removes grime and environmental contaminants. Over time, dirt and grime that is not regularly cleaned from the vehicle can lead to dulling and fading of surfaces.

Product Code: SH1107
Product Description: High Foam Car Shampoo – 5 Litre
Barcode: 6001878011130


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