Your car does a lot for you – treat it right with the ultimate car detailing and maintenance products from Shield

Shield premium car care products are optimally formulated to clean and polish the surfaces in your vehicle while providing powerful protection against the harsh elements as well as general wear and tear. Whether cleaning or maintaining, or just to accessorise – you can always rely on the proven quality of Shield car care products to provide the best results.

Exterior Car Care


From the headlights to the wheels and everything in between – Shield offers high performance products to polish, protect and restore your car’s exterior surfaces.

Interior Car Care

Clean, protect and dress the inside of your car with Shield’s high-grade interior car care range for a pristine, polished finish to rival any professional detail money can buy.

Engine Care

The Shield engine care range offers easy and effective solutions for the safe maintenance, cleaning and protection of both petrol and diesel engine components.

Multi-purpose Cleaning

For an all-in-one cleaning solution that removes tough dirt, dust and grime, Shield offers an economical multi-purpose cleaning range to suit your needs.

Promo Packs & Kits

Stock up on car detailing and cleaning supplies with our ultimate car care kits, offering you superior value for money on our premium range of car care products.

Waterless Wash & Shine

Introducing our new range of waterless wash and shine products, the best way to keep your car clean and save water at the same time.


Improve your driving experience and give your car that extra touch with our great range of do-it-yourself products, gadgets, automotive accessories and more.

Shield Car Mats


Shield’s NEW premium quality car mats is specially designed to protect with an anti-slip backing to keep the carpet away from the pedals.

Handex Hand Cleaner


Handex Hand Cleaner is a heavy duty, creamy hand cleaner that cleans away the toughest dirt and grime while moisturising and conditioning skin.

Microfibre Mitts


Shield Microfibre Mitts bring the world of car cleaning innovation right to your fingertips. These mitts accompany our cleaning and shining products perfectly!