Water Preservation with Shield Waterless Products

Shield Chemicals was recently invited by the mayor of Cape Town, Patricia De Lille, to do a presentation to the informal Car Wash sector on the encouragement of water preservation with the Shield Waterless product range and the benefits thereof. With the water crisis deepening in the Western Cape, the Mayor has been pro-active in finding alternative products that may be used during the current drought conditions that have plagued the region for the past year or so.

Bradley Thorne, the regional sales manager for the Western Cape attended this function on behalf of Shield and demonstrated the unique features and benefits of the Shield Waterless Car range.  Bradley advised the attendees that the Shield Range of Waterless products, afforded the Car Washes the opportunity to operate without water, whilst delivering fantastic results.

Shield is fully committed to this project and has also donated Waterless Wash ‘n Shine kits to all the attendees on the day. We believe that during these trying times in the water barren regions, our Waterless range of products offer the car washes and consumers an alternative product that will ensure that their vehicles remain clean whilst still preserving water.